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Game Based Certificate Revocation Algorithm for Internet of Things Security Problems
Sungwook Kim

Ubiquitous smart environments, MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) is a self-organized and distributed system with no central infrastructure. Due to this feature, MANET paves the way for the development of a high potential Internet of Things (IoT) communication platform. Whereas MANET offers exciting applications, concerns regarding MANET security also continue to intensify. Especially, undetected attackers may trigger an accident by sending messages with bogus information. Therefore, substantial research in the area of security is required. In order to prevent malicious nodes from abusing the MANET system, this paper investigates the distributed certificate revocation protocol. Based on the game-theoretic model, we design a new voting-based security scheme. Our game-based security paradigm can provide an ability to practically respond to current system conditions and is suitable for real network operations. Through simulations, we evaluate our scheme’s performance and show that the proposed approach can efficiently remove malicious nodes from the IoT system.

Keywords: Mobile ad hoc networks, weighted voting game, revocation strategy, reinforcement regret learning, repeated game, network security.

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