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EFG-AOMDV: Evolving Fuzzy based Graph–AOMDV Protocol for Reliable and Stable Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Gnanaprakasi O.S and Varalakshmi. P

As the nodes in MANET move continuously with varying velocities and in different direction, a reliable routing methodology is needed to select most reliable route rather than selecting route with minimal hop count. Our objective is to propose a new protocol EFG-AOMDV; Evolving Fuzzy based Graph-AOMDV protocol for Reliable and Stable routing in a highly dynamic environment that helps to reduce link failure and thereby increasing the throughput. The proposed work involves the estimation of Route Reliability value and Route Expiration Time value by considering the parameters such as variable velocity and direction of the mobile nodes. From this, the Fuzzy Inference System is constructed with feeded inputs parameters like Reliability value and Expiration Time and generate the output as the route with higher reliable route_select_probability. The results show that the proposed system improves the throughput and packet delivery ratio compared to existing AOMDV protocol.

Keywords: Route Reliability, Route Expiration Time, Evolving Fuzzy Graph, Fuzzy Inference System, MANET

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