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Distributed IPv6 Address Configuration for Hybrid MANETs
Xiaonan Wang, Deguang Le and Hongbin Cheng

This paper proposes a distributed IPv6 address configuration scheme for hybrid MANETs. In the scheme, the architecture for hybrid MANETs is proposed and it achieves the communication between MANETs and the IPv6 Internet. Based on the proposed architecture, a distributed and stateful address configuration algorithm is proposed. In the algorithm, a new node obtains a unique address from a neighbor gateway/allocator without DAD. Since allocators are distributed across MANETs, multiple new nodes can perform the address configuration simultaneously. As a result, the bottleneck in the centralized address configuration is effectively avoided, and the address configuration cost and delay are reduced. The paper also proposes the network merging/splitting algorithm in order to ensure the address uniqueness. Finally, the performance of the proposed scheme is analyzed, and the data results show that the proposed scheme effectively reduces the address configuration cost and shortens the address configuration delay.

Keywords: hybrid MANET, IPv6, address, address configuration, LAN

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