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LPOCS: A Novel Linear Programming Optimization Coverage Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zeyu Sun, Yunxing Shu, Xiaofei Xing, Wei Wei, Houbing Song and Wei Li

Coverage rate is one of important standards for evaluating network system performance of wireless sensor networks. This paper presents a novel coverage optimization algorithm under a complex dynamic parameter model, which shows the expectation and tolerance of sensor node coverage. The process of solving tolerance and proof of expectation of concerned node covered for the first time is presented. In terms of the network energy, the communication path is optimized by node status scheduling strategy. In this paper, the existence of limit of likelihood fit function in the energy decay process has been proved. The proposed theme realizes efficient match and constrains decay among sensor nodes energy. Simulation results show that this algorithm improves the coverage and network quality of service, and extends the network lifetime by suppressing network energy cost effectively.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks; Coverage rate; Redundancy data; Probabilistic model; Network lifetime

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