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Dominant Multipoint Relaying Method for Efficient Proactive Routing Schema
Bouamoud Bachir, Habbani Ahmed and Guennoun Zouhair

The performance of proactive routing protocol in the context of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) depends on broadcasting schemas. They are essential to build up an efficient topology knowledge which is required to compute valid routes to any destination inside network. In this paper, we focus on neighbor knowledge broadcasting especially on multipoint relaying concept. We have modeled the problem of multipoint relaying nodes selection as a set cover problem and customized the domain of feasible solution and the target set to be covered based on greedy approach and neighborhood relation. To assess the performance of our proposal referred as Enhanced Dominating Multipoint Relaying (EDMPR) method we have implemented it in the context of OLSR. Our findings suggest that the proposed method enables broadcasting signaling packets (i.e. topology messages) packets in a faster manner with a reduced number of broadcasting nodes.

Keywords: Multipoint relaying, mobile ad hoc network, proactive routing, Broadcast storm, neighbor knowledge broadcast

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