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On Spatio-Temporal Message Diffusion in Epidemic Broadcasting
Kohei Watabe and Hiroyuki Ohsaki

Although there have been many analyses of the effects of node mobility on communication performance of DTNs (Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Networks), to the best of our knowledge, there is no research investigating the impact of local positional distributions of nodes. In this paper, we analyze the effect of locality of node mobility on the spatio-temporal message diffusion in epidemic broadcasting in DTNs. We assume that each node has its own anchor point and that each node tends to move around the anchor point. By representing the strength of locality of node mobility through the shape of the positional distributions of nodes, we derive the dynamics of the spatio-temporal message diffusion in epidemic broadcasting. Through numerical examples, we show that communication performance is significantly affected by the tail of the pdf (probability density function) of node position. We derive a positional distribution for the Homesick Lévy Walk mobility model, which is a representative model with locality of node mobility, and derive the delivery time in epidemic broadcasting.

Keywords: Delay/disruption-tolerant network, mobile ad-hoc network, epidemic broadcasting, locality, message diffusion, mobility

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