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An Asynchronous Rendezvous Scheme for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Xiaoyan Li, Xiang Hua and Zhixian Chang

In cognitive radio ad hoc networks, secondary users (SUs) can find the available licensed spectrum through spectrum sensing and then use the idle spectrum to transmit packets. Before data transmission, SUs should tune themselves to their available spectrum to meet each other and establish communication links. This is the rendezvous process. Rendezvous schemes have been proposed to establish pairwise rendezvous. In this paper, we present a distributed rendezvous scheme based on the quorum system to make SUs meet on all of their common available channels in a bounded time without synchronization. Our schemes can guarantee rendezvous when SUs sense different sets of available channels.

Keywords: cognitive radio, rendezvous, channel hopping sequence, quorum system

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