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Parameter Characteristics of Gauss-Markov Mobility Model in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Weiwei Wang, Yu Chen, Honglong Chen, Xiangcui Kong and Jingjing Chen

Complex parameter design is an important issue in Gauss-Markov mobility model (GM model). In this paper, we firstly discuss the parameter characteristics of GM model. Research results show that the initial speed of a node has little influence on its out-boundary rate and coverage rate. The impacts of randomness tuning parameter α, border threshold λ, step time t and average speed s on a node’s out-boundary probability and coverage rate are then analyzed. After that, we can get the following conclusions: an ideal range, α ∈ (0.4, 0.7), is recommended; the design of border threshold λ should take the maximum speed of each node, step time t and tuning parameter α into consideration; other model parameters should be designed according to the performance requirements after comprehensively considering the realistic application scenarios.

Keywords: mobile wireless sensor networks, mobility model, Gauss-Markov, parameter characteristics, out-boundary, coverage rate, parameter design

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