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Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Based Monitoring System
Muayad Sadik Croock, Salih Al-Qaraawi and Qusay Shihab Hamad

Due to the increase of crime levels in different fields of life, the monitoring systems with high efficiency are developed and produced. In this paper, a wireless monitoring system is proposed based on wireless sensor network and cameras. The main objective of this system is to detect and record the state of the motioned objects that cross the covered area in which both consumed power and storage capacity are reduced. The proposed system includes a control algorithm installed at the control center. This algorithm controls the operation of the allocated cameras independently based on the received signals of the distributed sensors. The investigated system is designed using Proteus simulator and has been implemented in real time on a prototype. The obtained results show the superior and powerful of the proposed system in terms of power and storage capacity saving. In addition they describe the high affectivity of objects monitoring and detection.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, IR and laser sensors.

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