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Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Modeling and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Scenarios and Neighbor Discovery in Mobile Data Collection
Tomás Robles, Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria and Diego Martín

WSNs, as important part of the Internet of Things, became an essential field of study in recent years. However, most works use simplified scenarios for its analysis, disregarding variables that affect the data collection process. In this paper, we present a new model for data collection, considering the connection time among the nodes as a work’s main part. In addition, a real three-dimensional model is described. The analysis of this new model will allow us to discover new problems for the WSN operation. We start describing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional scenarios, and continue comparing the operation of different types of mobile nodes (such as walking people or drones). Later, we analyze the connection time, the rate and the range of the most used Wireless communication technologies on WSN (like Bluetooth or 802.15.4). Joining both results, we created a model for data collection and analyzed how to build more efficient WSNs.

Keywords: Neighbor discovery; mobile wireless sensor networks; mobile data collection; three-dimensional scenarios; wireless technologies; analytical model

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