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Suppression-Based Data Collection Approach for Navigation of Mobile Node in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bartłomiej Płaczek

Minimization of data transmission is an important research issue in the development of surveillance applications based on wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This paper deals with efficient data collection in WSNs for navigation of a mobile node. The considered problem is to navigate the mobile node towards detected targets while reducing the amount of transmitted data. A novel data suppression approach is proposed, which eliminates transfers of sensor readings that are not useful for effective navigation. According to the introduced approach, a sensor node sends its actual data reading to the mobile node only if this reading is expected to be necessary for correct selection of movement direction. Simulation experiments were performed to compare effectiveness of the proposed approach against state-of-the-art data suppression methods. Results of the experiments show that the presented suppression algorithm allows for substantial reduction in the amount of transmitted data with no significant negative effect on navigation performance.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, data suppression, mobile node, data collection, surveillance applications

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