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A Distributed Sensor Relocation Algorithm for Target Localization Problems
Ahmad A. Ababneh and Fadi R. Zghoul

In distributed sensor networks (DSNs), localization errors are highly dependent on the relative location of sensors with respect to the target of interest. In this paper, we study the problem of relocating sensors from their initial deployment positions to new positions that would result in meeting estimation requirements at multiple points in a region of interest as best as possible. More specifically, we develop a distributed virtual forces (VF)-based sensor relocation algorithm in which each sensor locally calculates its next location. In the proposed algorithm, VF forces are constructed in such a way that enables fast sensor relocation with the goal of minimizing the difference between achieved and required estimation requirements. The proposed algorithm is scalable and requires minimal information exchange between a sensor and its neighboring sensors. Simulation results are used to verify the performance of the proposed algorithm.

Keywords: Sensor networks; localization; sensor placement; sensor relocation.

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