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A Broadcast-enhanced Key Predistribution Scheme Using Combinatorial KPSs Based on Orthogonal Arrays for the Temporal Layer
Qiang Gao and Wenping Ma

Broadcast-enhanced key predistribution schemes (BEKPSs) proposed by Kendall et al. have advantages over key predistribution schemes. In this paper, we present a broadcast-enhanced key predistribution scheme based on orthogonal arrays for a wireless sensor network (WSN) which uses a trusted base station and an authenticated broadcast channel to periodically distribute and update temporal keys encrypted with underlying keys. In this scheme, we still use logical key hierarchy (LKH) schemes for the underlying layer to revoke nodes more efficiently, but for the temporal layer, we use key predistribution schemes based on orthogonal arrays. The connectivity, resilience and broadcast load of the resulting sensor networks are analyzed. It is found that the scheme in this paper has better connectivity and resilience than the existing one when the number of nodes per LKH tree is low.

Keywords: Sensor network, broadcast-enhanced key predistribution scheme, key predistribution, combinatorial design, orthogonal array.

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