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ICCBP: Inter Cluster Chain Based Protocol with Cross Layer Interaction for Randomly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks
Shalli Rani, Rajneesh Talwar, Jyoteesh Malhotra, Syed Hassan Ahmed, Mahasweta Sarkar and Houbing Song

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) offers a network structure for sensed data transfer where satellite or wired technologies cannot be used. Because the constraints upon sensor nodes have escorted the development of many routing protocols, they have become an optimal solution for the energy-efficient communication in unreliable environments. This paper proposes a novel routing protocol with a layered architecture approach for homogeneous and densely deployed network granting the reliable communication among nodes. Using cross layer interaction and a new clustering algorithm, attributes such as energy and reliability have shown improvement over traditional protocols. An inter-cluster chain-based protocol (ICCBP) uses multi-hop and intra-cluster communication with backup nodes i.e. new cluster heads (CHs) are formed when already existing cluster heads deplete their energy to augment the reliability and throughput of wireless sensor networks (WSN). In order to validate work on novel protocol, extensive simulations have been performed and results show the comparison with LEACH, HCR and ERP justifying our claim for improvement over these protocols.

Keywords: Fault tolerance, cross layer, homogenous, network lifetime, reliability, unstructured network.

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