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Energy-Efficient Mobile Cloud Gaming System Based on Stackelberg Game in Wireless Mobile Networks
Meng Li, Pengbo Si, Qian Zhang, Haipeng Yao and Yanhua Zhang

The industry of interactive video game has grown from limited markets to popular applications recently.With the support from cloud computing and wireless access technologies, mobile cloud gaming (MCG) enables “gaming as a service” (GaaS) to address the existing problems in traditional gaming. However, the aspect of energy efficiency for computing resource is often ignored and the relationship between cloud network, mobile network and gaming players has not been conducted reasonably. In this paper, we aim to design an MCG system as the integration of the cloud network and the mobile access wireless network, including cloud server, primary player (PP) and many mobile players (MPs) to perform the game components onloading process. Furthermore, we propose a power resource management scheme to save the spectrum and power for transmitting the game components and maximize the revenue of cloud server and tenant. In addition, the resource management problem is formulated as three-stage Stackelberg model, and the backward induction method and the Lagrangian formulation are used to solve the problem. Extensive simulation results are also presented to demonstrate the significant performance improvement of the proposed scheme in multi-players game environments.

Keywords: Mobile cloud computing, cloud game, wireless mobile network, energy efficiency, Stackelberg game.

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