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Stochastic Analysis on the Deactivation-Controlled Epidemic Routing in DTNs with Multiple Sinks
Huawei Huang, Song Guo, Peng Li and Toshiaki Miyazaki

To characterize the delivery performance of message dissemination in Disruption/Delay Tolerant Networks, a number of approaches have been proposed. However, the existing studies typically share a common simplification that the pairwise meeting rate between any two mobile nodes is exponentially distributed and supposed to be known in advance. In this paper, instead of relying on such assumption, we jointly consider the deactivation-rate over relay nodes and the number of sinks deployed in the network as the primary tunable system parameters. Our goal is to describe how these two incentive parameters affect the performance of a message delivery procedure in DTNs. Two suites of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) based theoretical frameworks are proposed for replication based and Network Coding (NC) based epidemic routing protocols that handle small-sized and large-sized message delivery, respectively. Via extensive simulations, the high accuracy of our analytical frameworks is verified.

Keywords: Deactivation rate, network coding, epidemic routing, message dissemination, ODE, DTN

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