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Practical Implementation and Analytical Evaluation of Ad-hoc Networking Projects to Build a MANET based Collaborative System
Ashfaq Ahmad Malik, Athar Mahboob and Tariq Mairaj Rasool Khan

A number of different ad-hoc networking approaches for open source and smart-phone devices have been proposed by various research groups. We have practically implemented these approaches on compatible hardware platforms for the purpose of evaluation and comparison. The performance testing of open source Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) Projects such as Serval Mesh, MANET Manager, Qaul.net, Commotion Wireless, TreveMod WiFi Tether, Thinktube, Byzantium, etc. has been performed using standard network performance analysis tools to analyze the latency, jitter, bandwidth, packet loss etc. We have also applied the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to carry out a comparative analysis of these implementations on various new platforms for assessing suitability of use to build a tactical C4I system in an ad-hoc environment for collaboration and use in emergency situations. As an outcome of the study it is concluded that Thinktube approach towards ad-hoc networking is the best followed by Qual.net and SPAN projects, rated as second and third, respectively.

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