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A Confidence-ellipse Based Approach for Area Measurement in Localization System
Wanyu Chen, Honghui Chen, Tao Chen and Fei Cai

Angle-of-arrival(AOA) based passive localization is an important enabling technology in tracking systems. Previous work mainly focus on locating the target by making a coordinates estimation, while only a few provide ambiguous area estimation. The latter ones, however, are more applicable in military scenarios, e.g. warship tracking, since ambiguous area contains much more information than coordinates. This paper proposes a novel approach for ambiguous area estimation in AOA based localization. Comparing to existing work, confidence ellipse is used for area estimation instead of rectangle and circle. Theoretic model and parameter setting in practical uses are discussed.We conduct extensive simulations in different settings. Simulation results show that our approach provides a good tradeoff between the accuracy and the confidence for localization. It performs better than the previous work under the same localization condition based on a good performance of the tradeoff between the confidence and accuracy.

Keywords: AOA based localization, ambiguous area, confidence ellipse, accuracy, confidence level.

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