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Routing Protocols for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Based on Location: A Survey
Mukhtiar Ahmed, Mazleena Salleh and M.Ibrahim Channa

Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) have become more and more important in ocean exploration applications, such as scientific, military, safety, commercial, environmental etc. The routing protocol designing is the attractive area for the researchers. The researchers have introduced majority numbers of routing protocols for underwater wireless sensor networks but still the design of routing protocol for underwater environment is a challenging issue due to distinctive characteristics of underwater medium. The majority numbers of issues needs to be improvements these issues are: limited bandwidth of acoustic channel, high bit error rates, propagation delay, and 3D deployment. This paper focuses the analysis of routing protocols based on location with its unique classification. This article plays a significant attention to construct a reliable routing protocol, which provides the effectual discovery of the route between source nodes to sink nodes. In addition this research article focuses the limitations of proposed routing protocols based on location. The analytical analysis and numerical simulation analysis method of proposed routing protocols helps the researchers to further research in the field of routing protocols based on location.

Keywords: Location Based; Data forwarding; Packets delivery; Network performance.

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