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Triangular Pyramidal Topology to Measure Temporal and Spatial Variations in Shallow River Water Using Ad-hoc Sensors Network
Himanshu Jindal, Sharad Saxena and Singara Singh Kasana

The deterioration in river water quality due to variations in physical parameters of temporal and spatial requires continuous monitoring. The traditional methods have their limitations to perform optimized monitoring due to factors like battery consumption, manpower, high cost, more sampling time, complex installation and delay variances. Therefore, to provide efficient monitoring, the paper has proposed the Triangular Pyramidal Topology with basic features like maximum coverage, minimum number of sensors, less battery consumption and high sustainability with no human intervention. The topology is deployed and tested at Ganges River of Sutlej in Doraha, India. The obtained consequences justify the proposed topology to be proficient, extensible and beneficial method for monitoring of river water.

Keywords: Underwater; communication; acoustics; sensors; topology; UWASN; MPS.

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