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Cross-layer Congestion Control in Named-Data Multihop Wireless Networks
Chengcheng Li, Renchao Xie, Tao Huang and Yunjie Liu

Named Data Networking (NDN) is widely considered as a better communication protocol than IP for building Multihop Wireless Network (MWN). Congestion control is an important issue in named-data multihop wireless networks. Independent optimization of congestion control may cause severe performance degradation if it can not cooperate well with protocols in other layers. We study the joint congestion control, forwarding decision and node scheduling problem in named-data multihop wireless networks. The problem is modeled as an extended Network Utility Maximization (NUM) problem. By introducing virtual queues and using Lyapunov optimization technique, we tackle the unique difficulty caused by flow balance that is a phenomenon in named-data multihop wireless network. Based on approximate subgradient algorithm, we propose an iterative and distributed algorithm to solve the NUM problem. By simulation, our algorithm outperforms congestion control mechanism without cross-layer design in enhancing network throughput and ensuring fairness, and can stabilize Pending Interest Table (PIT) size.

Keywords: Cross-layer design, congestion control, Named Data Networking, multihop wireless network, ad hoc network, wireless sensor network

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