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Topology Control Algorithm and Channel Allocation Algorithm Based on Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Network
Xiaochen Hao, Lixia Xie, Jinshuo Liu, Bai Chen, Ning Yao and Liyuan Wang

In wireless sensor network, the unbalanced load of nodes can easily lead to premature death of low energy nodes, leading to network partition and even network crumble, thus decreasing network lifetime. In order to solve this problem, this paper researches the influence of node distance and the neighbor-residual energy on node load. Then a joint power and channel model from a game perspective for the goal of load balancing is established. A joint game algorithm of power control and channel allocation based on load balancing (JACLB) is constructed according to the game model. In addition, JACLB uses the best respond strategy to get the optimal power and channel for each node, which effectively balancing the node load. At the same time, theoretical analysis and simulation results show that there is at least one Nash equilibrium (NE) in JACLB, which is the optimal solution of JACLB. Moreover, JACLB adjusts the node transmission power and channel to reduce node energy consumption and network interference to ensure the realization of network connection.

Keywords: WSN; topology control; channel allocation; game theory; load balance.

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