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A Markov Chain based Community Home Aware Routing in Mobile Social Networks
Jianbo Li, Jixing Xu and Shan Jiang

In Mobile Social Networks (MSNs), due to node mobility and frequent network topology partitions, the connectivity information between nodes is unreliable. In this case, it is difficult to find and maintain an end-to-end path between source node and destination node. Consequently, successful message delivery in MSNs faces great challenges. In this paper, by introducing a community home aware model, we try to connect the source with the destination through multiple community homes. Accordingly, message delivery process is divided into two phases. In the first phase, we propose a Markov chain model to predict node’s movement trajectory among communities so as to spread message to its destination community homes. And then in the second phase, based on the proposed intra-community centrality, message is delivered to its destination when the destination node visits a certain community home. Extensive simulations are conducted and the simulation results show that our proposed algorithm achieves advantages in terms of improving message delivery ratio and reducing network overhead compared to Bubble Rap, SimBet and Prophet.

Keywords: Mobile Social Networks, Delay Tolerant Networks, community home aware model, Markov chain model, intra-community centrality, routing design

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