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V2V Channel Allocation Method Based on SWM Communication Demand Matrix
Lei Ye, Dongmei Chen, Qingwen Han, Lingqiu Zeng, Qing He, Fangli Liu and Jianmei Lei

Inter-vehicles Safety Warning Message (SWM) exchange is used to remind surrounding vehicles to avoid potential danger and considered as an effective means to enhance road safety level. For the high happening frequency of sub-health vehicles (SHV), the traditional flooding mechanism, which is adapted in emergency warning message (EWM) transmission, is not applicable for SWM delivery. In this paper, a communication demand matrix (CDM) is defined to illustrate inter-vehicles relationship, while a novel channel allocation algorithm based on communication demand matrix is proposed. Moreover, a CDM based SWM transmission mechanism is designed. Both simulations and experiments are done to inspect performance of proposed method. The simulation and experimental results show that the proposed mechanism has much higher ratio of fulfilled communication demand in the same time slots than flooding based on communication demand relationship (FD) methods in low, medium, and high vehicle density scenario.

Keywords: VANET, channel assignment, SWM, communication demand relationship

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