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Power Control and Anti-collision Mechanism for RFID Systems
Walfredo D.C.L Filho, Eric D.S. Ferraz, Waldir S.D.S. Júnior, Celso B. Carvalho

This paper proposes a power control mechanism used to estimate the amount of tags in RFID systems. The mechanism divides the interrogation zone in sub-areas called clusters, interrogates in a single slot all the tags of a cluster, performs RSSI (Receiver Signal Strength Indicator) measurements, estimating the amount of tags per cluster. The mechanism is simulated and evaluated using our own simulator developed in C/C ++ programming language. We compared the results of number of slots required to identify tags and energy consumption with that obtained with traditional FSA algorithm, optimal DFSA algorithm and Q algorithm of the EPCGlobal standard. The proposed mechanism is simple, provides significant reduction of energy consumption, around 65% and reading performance up to 6.5% better in terms of the number of slots needed to read the tags, when compared to the algorithm Q.

Keywords: Power control, anti-collision, radio frequency identification-RFID, clustering, estimating the number of tags

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