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Communication Delay Analysis under Constrained Condition for Multi-Radio WSNs
Wei Peng, Dongyan Chen, Wenhui Sun, Chengdong Li and Guiqing Zhang

Multi-Radio technology is regarded as a promising way to improve the performance of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) that is widely applied in some real-time application, such as industrial control, earthquake monitoring, etc. In order to meet the harsh real-time performance requirement of Multi-Radio WSNs (MRWSNs) based real-time control/monitoring system, it is critical to conduct the analysis of fast communication delay for the periodic real-time tasks in MRWSNs. In this paper, two types of packets, including carry-in packet which causes channel conflict delay and non-carry-in packets which cause channel contention delay, are independently analysed and then are combined together to obtain the upper bound of communication delay under the constrained condition. Subsequently, the basic delay analysis based the improved upper bound of communication delay is derived. Both experiment and simulation results demonstrate that the delay analysis can efficiently estimate the delay time of the transferred packet as well as provide a secured and tight upper bound of communication delay in MRWSNs.

Keywords: multi-radio, WSNs, communication delay, real-time control, periodic tasks

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