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ERPLBC-CS: Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Load Balanced Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dina M. Omar and Ahmed M. Khedr

In this paper, we propose an efficient load-balanced clustered routing protocol (ERPLBC-CS) by combining new clustering strategy with compressive sensing (CS) theory to achieve the energy load balancing and prolong the stability period in WSNs. All sensor nodes organize themselves into clusters with one sensor node elected as a cluster head (CH) by using their weighted election probabilities considering the residual energy and concentration degree of sensor nodes. Each CH compresses the data received from member nodes using CS and transfers it to the BS for decompression. Simulation results show that the proposed protocol efficiently balances the energy consumption load and prolong the stability period and the lifetime of the whole network.

Keywords: Cluster based protocols, compressive sensing, network lifetime, load balancing, stability period, wireless sensor networks.

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