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PKSM: Pre-key Distribution and Sink Mobility in Commutative Cipher Based En-route Filtering to Extend the Network Lifetime in WSNs
Muhammad K. Shahzad and Tae Ho Cho

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is composed of a large number of costeffective, small-size, battery-powered, computing devices for sensing and processing information to make global decisions about a physical phenomenon. Extending network lifetime without compromising security of WSNs is a critical issue. Novel commutative cipher based en-route filtering (CCEF) offers robust security against compromised nodes compared to symmetric key sharing based schemes. The underlying routing in CCEF is composed of fixed paths and exhibit adversarial effects on network lifetime. In order to overcome these limitations, we propose pre-key distribution and sink mobility (PKSM) for mobile sink based wireless sensor networks (WSNs). It is observed that path history can be useful for query-response communication models and the increase of network lifetime. Experiments show up to 3.56 and 1.24 folds network lifetime improvements, against existing schemes, without compromising filtering capacity.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, network lifetime, filtering capacity, sink mobility, path history

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