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An Energy-Balanced Geo Cluster Head Set based Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Sensor Network
S. Sakthi Vinayagam and V. Parthasarathy

A network is scalable and increases in size based on the number of nodes. Increase in nodes also happens based on the demand on the user request. It can have sensor nodes that can collect and send information to users. It is also essential to categorize this nodes based on the mode of request and behaviour. The communication consumes energy based on the nature of communication. Building a model for this will require improving the security aspects considering the node behaviour. This paper concentrates on proposing a improvement for routing data with an energy balanced ECC algorithm named Energy Aware ECC Routing algorithm based on key size and key length. The modification proposed has been considered for a banking scenario as Enhanced Banking System and the simulations has been presented. The model is being validated both for static and Dynamic behaviour for transactions. The solution proposed is suitable for Goal Oriented and Layer Oriented category. The trade-offs in Secure Banking System (SBS) is analysed considering energy aspects and Enhanced Secure Banking System (EBS) is proposed. EBS uses Energy Aware ECC Routing algorithm. Results indicate that there is significant improvement for Enhanced Secure Banking System in terms of key generation time, Encryption/Decryption delay, No of keys required, PDR, Delay, Throughput, Overhead, average consumed energy, average remaining energy and Normalized Overhead in relevant to number of transactions and simulation time.

Keywords: ECC, session, transactions, keysize, energy, Delay

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