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EBTCOR: an Energy-Balanced 3D Topology Control Algorithm Based on Optimally Rigid Graph in UWSNs
Zhao Zhao, Chunfeng Liu, Zhihua Li, Bin Wu, Maode Ma, Zenghua Zhao and Lingfeng Liu

Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) have become a hot field in wireless sensor networks. In UWSNs, nodes are distributed in a harsh 3 dimensional (3D) environment, which are easy to fail due to the limited amount of energy and it is much more difficult to replace or recharge in underwater circumstances. Dynamic changes of network topology due to node failure or poor link quality will significantly affect the acoustic communication and decrease the network performance. To solve those problems, this paper proposes a topology control algorithm that comprehensively considers link quality and balance of node energy consumption based on the optimally rigid graph in 3D underwater sensor networks. By dynamically optimizing network topology based on link quality and energy consumption, the proposed algorithm can significantly improve network performance. Extensive mathematical analysis and simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can not only improve network robustness, but also effectively balance nodes energy and load, as well as prolonging network lifetime compared with other existing algorithms.

Keywords: UWSNs, 3D topology control, optimally rigid graph, energy balance.

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