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An Energy-Efficient Scheme for Constructing Underwater Sensor Barrier with Minimum Mobile Sensors
Weiqiang Shen, Chuanlin Zhang and Shui Yu

Barrier coverage in two-dimensional (2D) terrestrial wireless sensor networks is an important problem, and many achievements have been obtained in recent years. However, 2D sensor barrier construction mechanism cannot be directly applied to three-dimensional (3D) application scenarios, e.g., underwater intrusion detection. In this paper, we investigate how to construct an underwater sensor barrier with minimum mobile sensors while reducing energy consumption. Inspired by the line-based deployment idea derived from the 2D terrestrial sensor barrier, we propose an efficient scheme with two steps to achieve our goal. Particularly, an effective and efficient distance first-based greedy algorithm is proposed to move sensors from their initial positions to transfer station points in the construction process of underwater sensor barrier. Extensive simulations show that, in comparison to the classic solution Hungarian Method, the proposed algorithm costs much shorter computation time, shorter maximum movement distance of any sensor, and similar total movement distance of all sensors.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, underwater wireless sensor networks, coverage, barrier coverage, underwater sensor barrier, sensor barrier construction

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