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Dynamic Group Key Management with Efficient Rekeying Schemes for PKI MANET System
Janani V.S and M.S.K. Manikandan

In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), node membership alters very often that introduces rekeying mechanisms. Each time the group key must be updated by redistributing the new group key in a secured and timely manner, whenever group membership changes. This issue is extensively studied in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based MANET and two schemes namely Genetic Group Key Agreement (GGKA) and Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems and the Chinese remainder theorem (ECC-CRT) are proposed and compared to obtain a better solution. These schemes are also organized to maintain forward secrecy and backward secrecy in clustered ad hoc network. GGKA and ECC-CRT schemes show a partial stateless re-keying in which the key of interest alone is received by the trusted node to perform current re-keying functionalities. The proposed schemes considered probabilistic key agreement schemes that are parameterized to bear the relevant levels of security and performance for the PKI applications. The corresponding schemes are implemented and compared with existing ID-based Multiple Key Management (IMKM) on the network simulator platform for its rekeying completion time, overhead and revocation management comparisons. Finally, it reveals that the proposed group key management schemes accomplished better performance and security than other existing key management schemes.

Keywords: ECC-CRT, GGKA, Group key agreement, MANET, PKI, Rekeying

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