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Efficient QoS-aware Middleware for Resource Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Malihe Saghian and Reza Ravanmehr

Nowadays, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are very common in different areas and have many applications. The increasing available resources, data and accessing requests in these networks requires locating resources without long delay and excessive cost. However, due to the unique characteristics of mobile ad hoc networks, including topology variations, dynamic nature, and limited resources, resource discovery is considered a challenging task in these networks. In this environment, the publish-subscribe middleware can be used effectively as it supports asynchronous communication and provides decoupling between entities. The present study proposes a middleware based on publish-subscribe paradigm for resource discovery in large-scale mobile ad hoc networks. This middleware uses hash functions to store and search for resource information. In addition, it provides capabilities to adjust Quality of Service, load balancing, increasing resource availability, and prioritization. The simulation results show that the proposed approach significantly reduces the effect of node failure, message cost, discovery delay, and energy consumption. Moreover, it owns an appropriate performance in highly dynamic environments with a high failure rate and large-scale networks.

Keywords: Mobile ad hoc network, Resource discovery, Middleware, Publish-subscribe, Quality of Service

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