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True Coalition Formation of Bio-inspired Mobile Sensors or Robots on Intrusion Detection –Part 2: Evaluation and Simulations
Yang Xiao, Xiannuan Liang, Bo Fu and Tieshan Li

In particular, we are interested in answering the questions as follows. Whether is it a good choice to collaborate? Under what conditions, collaboration is a good choice? Inspired by the society of animals, this paper studies collaborative robots via simulations using a case study of the coalition formation of robots in order to detect and capture intrusions in a curved loop. Our simulation results confirm the theoretical findings. Furthermore, we study more complicated scenarios that involve more complex coalition formations with more robots in order to extend the results of theoretical studies. We found the factors that affect the coalition behaviors of the robots, and we also found the maximum and minimum intruders.

Keywords: Coalition Formation, Simulation, Bio-inspired, Mobile Sensors, Intrusion Detection, Game Theory

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