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True Coalition Formation of Bio-inspired Mobile Sensors or Robots on Intrusion Detection – Part 1: Theoretical Modeling
Yang Xiao, Xiannuan Liang, Bo Fu and Tieshan Li

Inspired by the society of animals, this paper studies collaborative robots via mathematical modeling using a case study of the coalition formation of robots in order to detect and capture intrusions in a curved loop. Individuals seek alliances when they believe that their detection regions are too short to capture an intrusion. A coalition benefits its members by increasing detection and capturing strength, but it has to trade-off by paying an investment cost for each individual. Outcomes are determined by coalition formation. Our theoretical studies show the formation of a true coalition (2 robots vs. 1 robot) and derive that a true coalition only arises when an interior evolutionarily stable strategy exists. We also identify the conditions under which an interior evolutionarily stable strategy exists.

Keywords: Coalition formation, bio-inspired, mobile sensors, intrusion detection, game theory

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