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A Comparative Study on Frameworks, MAC Layer Protocols and Open Research Issues in Internet of Things
Bhisham Sharma, Karamjeet Singh, Karan Bajaj and Mohammad S. Obaidat

The demand of Internet application development is very high and growing rapidly with time. A collection of protocols, standards and rules which helps in the development of IoT applications is known as IoT framework. This paper surveyed the IoT frameworks of big software industries, and the necessary elements of every framework like: security features, architectural approach, hardware requirements and protocols are also evaluated. On the basis of these elements the effectiveness of an IoT framework is determined. This paper also surveyed some of the important MAC layer protocols and future challenges in IoT. The main focus of the paper is to study the constituents of IoT frameworks. A comparative analysis is done to simplify the understanding of the surveyed IoT frameworks.

Keywords: IoT, Frameworks, MAC Layer Protocols, Architecture, Security

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