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A Novel Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol Using Bilinear Pairings for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Daya Sagar Gupta, SK Hafizul Islam, Mohammad S. Obaidat and Kuei-Fang Hsiao

In a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), the security and privacy of mobile nodes are now becoming essential issues. These issues can be addressed by the deniable authentication (DA) protocol. The current literature enriches with various DA protocols in which many protocols have considerable overheads in their computational and communication. The existing DA protocols are also vulnerable to different types of attacks. Because of the above problems in MANETs, we propose an identity-based deniable authentication (IBDA) protocol that comes with adequate efficiency and resists many possible attacks so that it can be used in resource-limited MANET environments. To justify the security of our IBDA protocol, we define a formal security model with the random oracle model and analyze the security in this model. Further, we give an extensive performance and comparative analysis of our IBDA protocol with other related state-of-the-art DA protocols. We also provide the implementation of our IDBA protocol using the PBC library and compare the execution time with other DA protocols. These analyses show the betterment of our IBDA protocol in terms of securities and computations.

Keywords: ad-hoc wireless networks, bilinear pairing, deniable authentication, elliptic curve, identity-based cryptography

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