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Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Modern Approaches for the Augmentation of QoS in Medical Body Sensor Network
Madhumita Kathuria and Sapna Gambhir

Body Sensor Networks (BSNs) have brought a revolution in the area of medical and healthcare in the last few years. Various works have been done to date for the improvement of Quality of Service (QoS) in Medical BSNs (MBSNs), but still require a lot of development as the heterogeneous, critical, and vibrant nature of MBSN often provides poor QoS at each layer. Therefore, this paper focuses on QoS issues in the transport layer and is designed with three fundamental modules. The first module is designed to handle packets and classify and assign them a priority. It also controls the starvation problem with the application of resource sharing and scheduling approaches. Further, it offers critical condition detection and notification approach. The second module is designed with flow control, congestion, retransmission, random drops, delay, and energy mitigation approaches. A lion optimization technique is applied in the third module to optimize various QoS performance metrics. Simulation results confirm that the proposed modules outperform existing approaches in all aspects.

Keywords: Vibrant, Heterogeneous, Optimization, Prioritization, Quality of Service, Reliability, Delay, Congestion, Retransmission, Duplicate Packet, Starvation, Resource Allocation

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