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A Multi-domain Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm with Delay Prediction
Peiying Zhang, Xue Pang, Yongjing Ni, Haipeng Yao and Xin Li

Virtual network embedding (VNE) is a crucial part of network virtualization (NV), which aims to map the virtual networks (VNs) to a shared substrate network (SN). With the emergence of various delay-sensitive applications, how to improve the delay performance of the system has become a hot topic in academic circles. Based on extensive research, we proposed a multi-domain virtual network embedding algorithm based on delay prediction (DP-VNE). Firstly, the candidate physical nodes are selected by estimating the delay of virtual requests, then particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is used to optimize the mapping process, so as to reduce the delay of the system. The simulation results show that compared with the other three advanced algorithms, the proposed algorithm can significantly reduce the system delay while keeping other indicators unaffected.

Keywords: Network virtualization, virtual network embedding, substrate network, delay sensitive, particle swarm optimization

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