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LP-WAN Performance Analysis by Semi-Linguistic Summaries
Vladimir Brtka, Vesna Makitan, Eleonora Brtka, Dalibor Dobrilovic and Ivana Berkovic

The design of a high-performance wireless system involves understanding of wireless communication channel characteristics, as propagation medium is subject to various kinds of noise and external interference. Since these technologies have its application in Smart City and Internet of Things, the analysis of urban environment impact on wireless communication is very important. In this paper the new approach to wireless performance analysis without path loss estimation in urban environment is introduced, in accordance to real-life data, but without extensive signal measurements. The LoRa wireless sensor network performance is assessed by analysis of semi- linguistic summaries which were synthesized from actual data by employing indiscernibility tree-graph search. The analysis of generated semi-linguistic summaries led to the conclusion about the minimal signal strength of wireless network on the receiver side, needed to achieve a certain packet delivery ratio, in urban areas.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, LoRa, LoRa performance analysis, if-then rules, semi-linguistic summarization, indiscernibility

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