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Joint Relay Selection and Power Allocation Algorithm with Trust Parameter in an Underwater Cognitive Acoustic Cooperative System
Lei Yan, Ruijian Li, Xinbin Li and Juan Wang

We investigated the problem of joint relay selection and power allocation in underwater cognitive acoustic networks (UCANs). A selection and allocation strategy based on the achieved this system was applied to maximize system throughput without affecting the quality of service of the primary system. In view of the harsh underwater environments, the trust parameter was first developed to overcome the imperfect spectrum sensing and improve the underwater cognitive acoustic system performance.

The optimal approach of system throughput is difficult to obtain because of the non-constant definition of the misdetection probability. Thus, we proposed a suboptimal approach based on cross-over iteration and sub-gradient (CISG) method to achieve maximum system throughput. Simulation results show that the proposed approach achieved better system throughput than other cooperative methods without trust parameter.

Keywords: underwater cognitive acoustic networks (UCANs), relay selection, power allocation, trust parameter, misdetection probability.

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