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Relay Selection and Interruption Processing Scheme for Wireless Body Sensor Networks
Yinghong Liu and Yuanming Wu

Reliable transmission and long lifetime are our main goals for wireless body sensor networks (WBSNs). The network topology may change with the mobility of the human body, so node connections interrupt occasionally. To solve this problem, the Relay Selection and Interruption Processing (RSIP) scheme is proposed in this paper. It sets up a function of the residual energy and the historical transfer success rate of each node. RSIP selects the best relay nodes to forward data packets by calculating this function under the current state. Also, an interruption processing algorithm in RSIP addresses connection interruption problems by storing and delaying forwarding data or dropping them while failing to seek reliable relays. The simulation results show the RSIP scheme extends the lifetime by around 12.4%, 20.8%, and 35.5% compared to the CLDO scheme, the JRP scheme, and the EERP scheme respectively, as well as it has a higher throughput rate than these three schemes under not too bad conditions.

Keywords: wireless body sensor networks; relay node; interrupt processing; network lifespan; throughput rate

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