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QEAODV: A New Routing Protocol based on Quality of Service in MANETs
Selman Hizal and Ahmet Zengin

The diversity of wireless devices and the need for communication between them without any central control mechanism reveal the importance of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). In MANET, devices also act as routers. The ability of these devices to transfer data to the others depends mainly on the routing process. There is need for QoS-based routing protocols to ensure the transfer of time-sensitive data, multimedia applications, in accordance with specified requirements. Traditional routing protocols take into consideration of the shortest path metrics and/or cost values in routing decisions. These protocols perform routing process without limitations of the wireless devices such as computing capacities, coverage areas, speeds and energy levels. In this paper, a new routing protocol called the quality of service extended ad hoc on demand distance vector protocol (QEAODV) has been designed by taking into consideration of the parameters such as energy, coverage area, location, speed, movement, link stability to ensure the quality of service (QoS). Simulations were performed on small, medium and large scale networks using developed protocol. Simulation experiments show that QEAODV has more comparable performance than AODV and DSDV in path selection, energy consumption and link life time.

Keywords: AODV, Mobile Ad hoc networks, Routing protocols, Quality of service

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