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Security Aware Routing: Rule-Based Attack Detection on Optimal Shortest Route Selection
G. Kalyani and Shilpa Chaudhari

Even though technological developments in Internet of things (IoT) have potential impact on scientific research applications, vulnerability occurs due to shared medium, dynamic network topology, capability constraints and distributed cooperation. Identification of malicious node during the route establishment step of routing protocol provides solution towards vulnerability protection. Security aware optimal routing protocol is presented in this paper for identifying malicious node using rule-based attack detection system. Initial routes are established considering distance, delay, Packet Drop Rate based security rank, energy. Modified Self Improved Sea Lion Optimization (SI-SLnO) based on divide and conquer strategy is introduced for selecting the optimal route out of initial established routes. Two methods in chain are used to identify malicious node during the route establishment – (1) Usage of three modes for forwarding node selection namely secure, risky and ϒ-risky mode (2) Rule-based attack detection strategy of black hole attack, selective forwarding attack and wormhole attack. The performance of the proposed framework is proved by comparing the results over the conventional models.

Keywords: IoT, Routing, shortest path, malicious node, Attacks, SI-SLnO Model

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