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Integrating Beetle Swarm Optimization in Cross Layer Design Routing Protocol to Improve Quality of Service in Clustered WSN
Shivaji R. Lahane and Krupa N. Jariwala

In wireless sensor networks, it is a difficult task to get the optimal route from the transmitter to the receiver node. The chosen route is optimal, when there is enough signal strength, sufficient battery power, more throughputs, low interference, low noise ratio, more bandwidth, and less congestion. These parameters also help to enhance the lifespan of the wireless sensor networks. These parameters depend on the upper and lower layers of the cross layer communication stack. An efficient cross-layer protocol needs to be designed to optimize the quality of service in a wireless sensor networks. In this paper, for cross layer design, an improved dynamic source routing algorithm is integrated with a beetle swarm optimization algorithm. The Beetle Swarm Optimization algorithm is applied to find the optimal path between the source and the destination. Beetle swarm optimization performs global search in solution space. It avoids local optima and thus provides the best path selection solution. This proposed approach is simulated in NetSim simulator v10.2. It improves the throughput by 96% and 91%, packet delivery ratio by 28.76% and 70%, delay by 39.78% and 12.10%, energy by 2% and 6.7% as compared to DSR and AODV respectively.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Quality of Service; Communication; Cross-Layer Design; Routing Protocols

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