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Performance Analysis of Single Source and Multiple Destinations Cooperative Gbn-ARQ Over Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Yongqiang Zhou, Bo Wang, Lei Dai and Suoping Li

In this paper, we develop error control system for underwater wireless sensor networks. The proposed system is single source and multiple destinations cooperative GBn-ARQ (SMC-GBn-ARQ). To investigate the performance of the system, we first construct a Markov chain model for three states, and derive closed-form expressions for the steady state distribution and throughput. Next, we analyze the packet transmission delay based on discrete-time Geom/G/1 queue model. Then, taking the harsh and limited conditions of underwater environment into account, we obtain the energy efficiency performance based on energy analytical model. Finally, we compare the throughput, average queue length, delay and energy efficiency performance versus different system parameters via numerical results.

Keywords: Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, SMC-GBn-ARQ, Throughput, Average Packet Transmission Delay, Energy Efficiency

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