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An Automatic RF-EMF Radiated Immunity Test System for Electricity Meters in Power Monitoring Sensor Networks
Shisheng Fu, Zhenyong Zhang, Yang Jiang, Jing Chen, Xiaoxiao Peng and Weiguo Zhao

With the advanced information technology, the power system becomes more efficient and reliable by widely deploying smart sensors in the field side, which construct a powerful monitoring sensor network. However, due to the complicated radiation environment, the sensors will be affected and thus present abnormal data to the control center, which might destroy the system’s observability. Based on the radiation immunity test principle for radio-frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF), in this paper, we use LabView and GTEM cell to design an automatic RF-EMF radiated immunity (RI) test system for electricity meters. To improve the testing performance, we propose a new method to design the hardware and software to filter out signal noises. We verify the effectiveness, reliability, and consistency of the automatic testing system with a 3-meter anechoic chamber system by conducting extensive experiments.

Keywords: Power monitoring network, Electricity Meters, GTEM cell, Anechoic chamber test, Electromagnetic Compatibility

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