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Optimization of Wireless Transmission of Distributed Cable Tunnel Data Based on Mobile Edge Computing and Wireless Sensor Networks
Li Qian, Fang Yongyi, Liu Baoan and Shi Shanzhe

Abstract:The number of sensor nodes in the sensor network is massive, and the network running time is relatively long, with a large number of data sampled, forming the big data of the sensor network. As the energy and communication capacities of the sensor nodes are highly limited, the design of an effective optimization algorithm for the wireless transmission of distributed cable tunnel data and the application of the mobile edge computing method to accomplish the task of big data transmission efficiently has become a major challenge faced by the wireless sensor network design. In this paper, the mobile edge computing method is used to estimate the packet reception ratio (PRR) of the wireless link, and the average number of data transmission times in the wireless link is calculated based on the reception rate. On this basis, a mobile edge computing method is proposed, which can determine the optimal path from all sensor nodes to sink nodes, so as to ensure the minimum sum of the average link transmission times in the optimal path. According to the distributed environment of the sensor network, the mobile edge computing method is improved. The distributed implementation protocol of the mobile edge computing method is proposed to identify the optimal path with the smallest average number of transmission times. The smallest number of transmission times means the minimum energy consumption. This study is of important practical significance for the wireless sensor network with limited energy. Finally, the experiment has verified that the optimization model for the wireless transmission of the distributed cable tunnel data in this paper has relatively high performance and feasibility.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT); Wireless Sensor Network; Optimization Algorithm; Mobile Edge Computing

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