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A Comprehensive Survey on Mobile Sink-based Data Gathering Schemes in WSNs
Rupayan Das and Dinesh Dash

To make the data gathering process smooth and efficient, the use of static sink (SS) and mobile sink (MS) become popular in wireless sensor network (WSN). But it has been observed that, the SS-based data gathering process consumes more energy compare to MS-based data gathering process and that is why, in recent years, the use of mobile sink (MS) in data gathering process gained huge interest to the researcher. In this survey work, we mainly investigate various MS-based data gathering schemes proposed by the various researchers. We study various optimization techniques used in state-of-the-art data gathering processes to find optimal path for MS as well as the mobility issues of MS. Node energy budget and consumption rate along with the various other objectives of the existing data gathering techniques are investigated in this work. The time complexity and problem hardness of data gathering protocols and planning techniques are also discussed in this article. The analysis of time complexity of various data gathering algorithms help us to find the best possible strategy for the collection of data from scattered SNs.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Data Gathering Scheme, Sensor Node, Mobile Sink, Base Station

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