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Enhancing QoS in Privacy Based Vehicular Communication
Nabil Kerkacha, Naima Hadj-Said, Noureddine Chaib, Asma Adnane and Adda Ali-Pacha

Abstract—Smart vehicles constitute the heart of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), they exchange safety-related data continuously using beacons. This data comprise information about the vehicle movements and visited places. Unfortunately, eavesdroppers might exploit the collected information to build location profiles about the drivers and their private activities. Researchers have proposed a wide range of solutions to solve the issue. Most of them are based on pseudonyms that should be switched after silent periods. The aspect of QoS (Quality of Service) is either neglected or not optimized enough. In this paper, we provide our new solution PPC (Probabilistic Pseudonym Change) to make a trade-off between privacy and QoS. We have extended the Prext framework (a privacy framework for vehicular communication) to implement our approach and assess our work. The obtained results show that the proposed solution provides a good QoS while preserving the privacy aspect adequately according to the carried data application.

Keywords: Vehicular Communication, Security, Privacy, Pseudonyms, QoS, VANET

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